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Will power

In less than a decade, Will Bowlby – head chef and co-founder of Kricket – has opened three restaurants in London, and taken Indian cooking in the UK in an exciting new direction. Good Korma has been lucky enough to … Continue reading

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The story of food on Earth

If a visitor from another planet asked me to tell the story of food on Earth, I’d send them to meet Asma Khan. The story of mankind’s relationship with food is deep, complex and contradictory: How does food bring us … Continue reading

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Why I eat… a hunger for meaning

What is the ultimate truth of food? Why do I eat? Legendary chefs Asma Khan and Vivek Singh guide me to the answers Continue reading

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ASMA KHAN teaches Good Korma… about Indian culture, fame, diversity… and how to cook a good korma

Some stuff is just meant to happen. It’s a sunny July morning in Regent’s Park – and as I pull on my bright green, volunteer’s T-shirt, I get that slightly nervy ‘first-day-at-school’ feeling. I’m at the Taste of London festival … Continue reading

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The roadside restaurants of Tamil Nadu

How a two-thousand year-old recipe taught me about the essence of food At the point on the map where southern India tapers off in perfect V, Tamil Nadu sits snugly on the eastern coast. As a destination, it may not … Continue reading

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How a soft-boiled egg taught me that all food is a gift Is there a lovelier, more relaxing thing on Earth than a hot spring? Of all the surprises the planet has to offer, who’d have thought that one would … Continue reading

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A taste for infinity

Curry is such a varied cuisine that it may feel infinite…. but is it? And while we’re on the subject… does infinity exist? In the distinguished company of Archimedes – and Professor Ian Rumfitt, Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College … Continue reading

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Indian Festival Feasts

Vivek Singh’s new hardback may look like a cookbook – but between the mouth-watering recipes, it’s also a spell-binding look at the nature of human connections… and how food is the force that links us all. In an exclusive interview, … Continue reading

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Music in the Body

How the Happy Mondays helped me understand the meaning of curry You think you understand something important to you… a phrase, a concept, an idea. And then you realise you weren’t even close! Something happens that means you have to … Continue reading

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If you’re nuts about coconuts… get your hands on the Odiris… the greatest grater of them all! Some decisions are difficult; others are easy. This one is as easy as it gets… if you eat freshly-grated coconut, click here. The … Continue reading

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