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What has curry taught me?

  Sometimes, that’s all it takes… a sentence, an idea… and you’re launched. BOOM! The spark that lights the journey can come from anywhere…. this time, it came from the clutter of a Sunday newspaper. Tucked away in his ‘Food … Continue reading

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Lost… and found. How a bowl of Aloo Saag Dosa changed my world

I started a new job this month: I’ve met some very nice people, and it promises to be a fascinating project. And maybe it’s because the company is a global travel player, but I’ve never worked with such a nomadic group … Continue reading

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Apple 2.0 – taste the next generation chutney

Read the blogs and cookbooks of the great Indian wordsmiths, and you often come back to a common theme: how their love of food started in earliest childhood. Plotting the course of the seasons, these writers evoke how the different … Continue reading

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The genius of curry harmony (and why Mozart can learn from every Indian chef)

In a recent Guardian feature (What does Europe mean to you?) opera director Kasper Holten gives a lovely definition of how different voices can blend into one harmonious experience: “The second act of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro ends with sheer genius: … Continue reading

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A curry journey

Every journey starts somewhere, and my ‘curry journey’ started in the checkout queue in Tesco, Brixton. The year was 1995, the month was April – and Sue and I had known for three days that she was pregnant with our … Continue reading

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