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Singh when you’re winning

  Executive Chef Vivek Singh shares the ‘why’ of the Cinnamon Club If you’re passionate about Indian food, this is like hunkering down with Michelangelo to discuss renaissance art, or exploring space time one-to-one with Einstein. I’m in the Cinnamon … Continue reading

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What has curry taught me?

  Sometimes, that’s all it takes… a sentence, an idea… and you’re launched. BOOM! The spark that lights the journey can come from anywhere…. this time, it came from the clutter of a Sunday newspaper. Tucked away in his ‘Food … Continue reading

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Cinnamon and Apple

If you’re hungry for innovation… why the Cinnamon Club eats Apple Inc for breakfast. It’s 6pm on a mild October evening, and leaves the size of saucers are falling drowsily from the plane trees as Sue and I cross Parliament … Continue reading

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Everything’s relative

I knew that curry could connect me even deeper to the people I know and love. I didn’t know it could connect me with the grandfather I can’t remember meeting. Just over a year ago, we moved as a family … Continue reading

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Perfect 10

How many moments can you remember from a lifetime… frame by frame… as if they happened yesterday? For me, it’s a short list – and this was one of them. It’s a July afternoon in 1976, and I’m slumped in … Continue reading

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On meeting your hero

  Meeting your hero can be a tricky business. Over the years, friends have shared experiences about the moment they’ve finally met a personal hero – and it seldom works out happily. One buddy (a sensationally talented guitarist and lifetime … Continue reading

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Pure Jainius – recipes from a Jain cookbook

After six years collecting Indian recipe books, I’m lucky enough to have a couple of shelves of volumes at home. As with any collection, I have my favourites: books I cook from time and again. One day, I’ll sit down … Continue reading

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Lost… and found. How a bowl of Aloo Saag Dosa changed my world

I started a new job this month: I’ve met some very nice people, and it promises to be a fascinating project. And maybe it’s because the company is a global travel player, but I’ve never worked with such a nomadic group … Continue reading

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Beyond beyond: @biryaniquest reports live on a search for the Holy Grail

As an archaeologist I would be tempted to say that the reason I am so obsessed with biryanis is because I am fascinated by the history, opulence, art and culture of the Islamic period they were invented in. Or as … Continue reading

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If you want to taste ’70s Britain – eat Heinz Beanz Curry

I like Heinz. On more occasions than I care to remember, I’ve turned to Heinz beans, Heinz tomato sauce and even Heinz tinned soups when the cupboard was bare (literally and metaphorically). Heinz has always been there for me. So, … Continue reading

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